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FICUS macrophylla (Moreton Bay Fig)

A hardy native, medium to large spreading tree with large dark glossy green leaves which are rusty underneath and often has a buttressed trunk. It makes an excellent, bushy plant for a large container but it should not be planted in the ground in a normal suburban environment. It is an excellent shade tree for parks and larger properties and is widely used as a feature tree in parks and gardens. An iconic tree of South East Queensland.

Large Tree up to 20 metres
Rounded spreading canopy

As a specimen tree
As a windbreak
Along Roadside
Is Fauna Attracting

Suitable in Full Sun
Suitable in Light Shade
Suitable in Sandy Soil
Suitable in Loamy Soil
Suitable in Acidic Soil
Suitable in Salty Soil
Is Frost Resistant
Is Resistant to Pollution
Is Resistant to Coastal Exposure
Is Resistant to Tropical Heat
Is Resistant to Drought



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Emaho’s Tree Farm specializes in hardy, field grown Australian native trees suited to a wide range of climates throughout Australia,
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